Asera Nishi

By carrying out the concept of "balance," the houses in Asera Nishi are built with environmentally friendly biophilic designs that unite humans with the natural elements around them.

It is essential to choose a shelter that pays attention to the balance of human relations with nature because it can improve its inhabitants' health.

Features & Advantages
of Asera Nishi's Home Design

Air flow (cross air ventilation) & natural lighting

The number of openings in the house to maximize natural lighting and good air circulation makes the air in the place fresher and makes the occupants healthier. Good air circulation and lighting can also reduce electricity consumption.

Flexibility of space

A unique wall that can serve as a door to connect several rooms is multifunctional. It's essential for working from home because it makes it easier for residents to create varied work areas.

Biophilic concept

We will create the home design with many open areas, such as terraces and family rooms that can blend into the back and front gardens so that residents can interact with nature directly. It is essential to reduce stress levels and improve the health of the occupants.

Efficient & compact house layout

With a floor plan that is entirely open and multifunctional, the house in Asera Nishi can function optimally according to its residents' needs.

Easy access to common backyard

We connected the back garden to the terrace, family room, and access to the 2nd floor. This design makes it easy for residents to feel comfortable at home.

Elegant facade design

We create an elegant and modern house façade design with a biophilic concept combined with Japanese nuances.

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Cluster Facilities

Find a balance of life with the various facilities available at Asera Nishi.

Types of Asera Nishi Houses