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Balance Life


It is a collaboration between the Damai Putra Group & Nishitetsu Group. Combination of two big developers from Indonesia and Japan, we combine the Indonesian sensibilities and Japanese precision.

Asera Nishi will be built in an independent area of Kota Harapan Indah, covering an area of 2200 Ha by prioritizing the resident's balance of life.

Balance Between
Convenience & Affordability

Asera Nishi is in a premium CBD location at Kota Harapan Indah, with complete facilities and maximum comfort. Large prestigious clusters also surround it with prices above IDR 2.5 billion.

In this cluster, you can compare the convenience with the newest design houses at affordable prices.

Balance Between
Human & Nature

People nowadays are faced with modernity and begin to forget about nature. The concept of clusters and houses in Asera Nishi designed to balance humans and nature, restore closeness, and strengthen the relationship between humans and nature, known as Biophilic Design.

This design aims to restore closeness and strengthen the relationship between humans and nature. The proximity of humans to nature can believe in improving mental and physical health significantly.

Balance Between
Work & Play

The frequency of human activities at this time often creates high boredom. At Asera Nishi, every resident will get a balance of life with family play facilities, swimming, basketball, and jogging tracks

The existing cluster and house facilities at Asera Nishi also encourage residents to implement "work from home," which can do in the house's flexible spaces or the available park benches.